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We are a team of real-estate industry outsiders challenging the status quo

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Our mission is to empower consumers with control over how they buy or sell their largest asset

The entire industry has perpetuated the lack of control homeowners have to list their home, and thus the lack of options available to potential buyers.

Experience the ease of off-market

As homeowners who have been on both sides of buying and selling, we know there is a better way. We have experienced both the pain of listing a home, and the ease of an off-market transaction.

Providing every homeowner the ability to test the market for their specific home and the opportunity to have an off-market transaction are what drove us to build Higa.

A platform built to empower consumers with everything they need to make decisions about their home.

Meet the team

Lauren Treasure

CEO & Cofounder

Chantal Psota ball

CXO & Cofounder

Upending the property listing model

Gone are the days of the MLS being the only option to list your home on the market.

We created a platform where every home has a listing. Homeowners have complete control of how they display their home to the world, and set their own terms for home transactions. Your home. Your way.